Hair Care Guide

Proper Maintenance For Hair Extensions

At Hair Heaven Boutique one of our Main Goals After a great sale, is being able to educate our customers on good hair care. Maintenance is the key to long lasting hair extensions.

Ultimately, we want you to protect your investment, because lets be real; Extensions are not cheap!


  • Before installing, Shampoo and Deep Condition your Extensions!

  • Seal your wefts (While your hair is dry)

  • Have your stylist (or yourself) sew around your weft, not through the weft when installing! ( This prevents Damaging the Weft Itself.

  • AVOID NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS !!  ex: Shea Moisture and Cantu products when washing the hair; These products tend to dry the hair out.

  • Co-wash your hair every week-week 1/2 to  remove any product build up (this will revert it back to its original bounce and softness) Full washes are recommended every 3-4 weeks. 

  • Products that instill Moisture and Softness (Pantene, Herbal Essence, and TRESemme) are HIGHLY recommended when washing Virgin Hair. THESE ARE THE PRODUCTS WE RECOMMEND TO USE ON YOUR VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSIONS!

  • With curly Extensions, Condition and Moisturize hair DAILY to maintain and Manage your curls. Use argon oil to prevent Dryness and Breakage when wearing your extensions.

  • When using Heat, Apply heat protectant (Flat irons, Curling Wands, Blow Dryer etc.)

Sealing Your Wefts

Before Co- Washing and drying your hair, you can seal your wefts. Choose a weft sealer That Bonds quickly, is flexible and does not leave lumpy residue. Make Sure to apply the sealant both sides of the weft. 

Effects of Sealing Your Wefts

  • Protects the hair from any major Shedding
  • Guaranteed a longer lasting lifespan
  • Prevents hair balding
  • Cost $10.00